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Curry Design LLC makes custom designed furniture, cabinetry, exhibitions, interiors and buildings. We make things. We are architects, designers and craftsmen committed to the pursuit of Beauty through refined design and quality craftsmanship. We work with clients to discover creative solutions for complex design problems. Making use of various design methods, advanced technology and precision machinery we help to define the problem, explore ways of thinking about it, discover and test possible solutions, searching for the best solution. Then we choose the right materials, figure out how to make it, right here at Industry City, in Brooklyn, NY.

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Terrence M Curry

Terrence Curry

Terry was born in Brooklyn. He has been making things since he was able to hold a piece of wood (or string, or metal, or plastic…) in his hands and imagine what it could be. At eight years old his mother bought him a power saw. Throughout his childhood and teenage years he would spend his days in the garage figuring out how things worked and making furniture. When he was in high school he added a 200 SF extension to a neighbor’s house.

After 35 years teaching design Terry has decided to open his own studio/workshop where he can do what he has always loved doing: making things. Throughout his career Terry has build workshops everywhere he has been. Most of the time it was in these workshops that Terry did most of his teaching. Now, with his own well-equipped workshop he will have a chance to immerse himself in the creative process, solving design problems, seeking beauty through making

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What We Do


Curry Design specializes in making custom designed, hand crafted furniture from real materials in a variety of styles. Projects have included conference tables, residential furniture, cabinetry, altar furnishings, exhibitions, and specialty installations.


Curry Design approaches building design as a collaborative discovery process. Award winning projects have included housing, community centers, commercial and hospitality.


At Curry Design interiors are about making places that function as intended and induce a desired quality of experience. Award winning projects have included residential, workshop spaces, schools and health care

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